Internet services

Mirnet believes in innovating value-added solutions to stay ahead in the ever changing digital world.

Internet services

Mirnet, a pioneer in ICT Industry, always stood ahead in innovating value-added solutions. It has an
optical fiber network coverage in key cities and are able to provide wireless and wired infrastructure
services anywhere in Bangladesh. Its network ensures excellent quality, high availability and low latency
internet connectivity. It also ensures both SMW-4, SMW-5 & ITC upstream connectivity in both east and
west directions to provide seamless service to customers

Some basic features are:

  • Both wired and wireless broad band internet connectivity
  • Clients base MRTG Graph
  • Provide static real IP address
  • Web Design, hosting & Development
  • Hosted Business Email Solutions
  • Hosted Spam Firewall Solutions
  • Online Remote Surveillance Solutions
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

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